Hale Farms Indian Moonbeam

Foaled: 4/14/2013
Height: N/M"
Colour: Black Appaloosa Colt w/ Blue Eyes
Genetics: Homozygous LP/LP for Appaloosa.
Registrations: AMHA/AMHR
Sire: Iles Indiana Ace
Dam: Iles Sparkling Sapphire
Notes: Also Tested Ee Heterozygous. Horse is Black based but carries a recessive copy of the Red gene.This means this colt will be a 100% colour producer. Anyone wanting to breed for appaloosas and be sure to get them.This is the colt you need. Our very first Homozygous appaloosa bred foal.


Grand Parents
Great Grand Parents
Iles Indiana Ace
Colour: Black Leopard Appaloosa Stallion - 33"
Iles Apache Appy Ace
Colour: Black Few Spot Appaloosa - 33.5"
Dell Teras Eagle
Colour: Black Appaloosa - 29"
Jandts Mini Mist
Colour: Black - 33.5""
Iles Annabelle Angel
Colour: Sorrel w/strip - 33.5"
Crescents Yachts Premo Uno
Colour: Bay Pinto - 32.25""
Hemlock Brooks Midnight Elegance
Colour: Black - 34"
Iles Sparkling Sapphire
Colour: Black Leopard Appaloosa Mare - 32.75"
BJs Fun Size Rocky
Colour: Silver Few Spot Appaloosa - 31"
Starchief Dapper Dandy
Colour: Bay Appaloosa - 29.5"
RJs Appy Of My Hawkeye
Colour: Dun Appaloosa - 32.25"
Iles Little Papoose
Colour: White Appaloosa - 33.75"
Bozemans Frosty Feather
Colour: Chestnut Appaloosa - 32"
Iles Black Velvet
Colour: Blue Roan Appaloosa - 33.75""