Iles Sparkling Sapphire

Foaled: 6/1/2009
Height: 32.75"
Colour: Black Leopard Appaloosa Mare
Genetics: Heterozygous LP/lp Horse carries one copy of the Appaloosa LP Gene.
Registrations: AMHA A197129 AMHR 301474A
Sire: BJs Fun Size Rocky
Dam: Iles Little Papoose
Notes: Sapphire has had four beautiful appaloosa foals for us. Sapphire is a gorgeous Black Leopard. She is a refine Arabian type,very pretty mare. With nice conformation,colour and has beautiful movement!


Grand Parents
Great Grand Parents
BJs Fun Size Rocky
Colour: Silver Few Spot Appaloosa - 31"
Starchief Dapper Dandy
Colour: Bay Appaloosa - 29.5"
Colour: Black Appaloosa - 30.5""
Trios Barbie Doll
Colour: Bay Appaloosa - 33.5""
RJs Appy Of My Hawkeye
Colour: Dun Appaloosa - 32.25"
RJs Little Hawkeye
Colour: Sorrel Leopard Appaloosa - 32.5""
RJs Hiawatha
Colour: Sorrel Appaloosa - 35.5""
Iles Little Papoose
Colour: White Appaloosa - 33.75"
Bozemans Frosty Feather
Colour: Chestnut Appaloosa - 32"
Yellow Diamond Little Feather
Colour: Chestnut Appaloosa - 30.25"
Lil Ponderosa Black Satin
Colour: Black - 32""
Iles Black Velvet
Colour: Blue Roan Appaloosa - 33.75""
Jandts Dashing Star
Colour: Bay - 33"
Jandts App To Bee
Colour: Black Appaloosa - 34"



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