Lucky Four Robins Razzle Dazzle

Foaled: 7/9/1995
Height: 34"
Colour: Chestnut
Genetics: Not Tested
Registrations: AMHA A73021 AMHR 240370A & DNA Tested
Sire: Shadow Oaks Cock Robin
Dam: Lucky Four Gold Surprise
July 9 1995 - July 18 2010

He was one of the best! That does not come along too often. He stamped all of his foals with his beauty, presence & conformation. Razzle will be greatly missed.
2007 MHCO High Point Performance Horse
2006 MHCO High Point Performance Horse

2007 MHCO High Point Senior Stallion
2006 MHCO High Point Senior Stallion

2005 Canadian National Exhibition
Supreme Halter Horse
Champion Stallion
1st Senior Stallion

2004 Forest Canadian Miniature Horse Championships
Supreme Halter Horse
Champion Stallion
1st Senior Stallion

2007 Champion High Point Open Pleasure Driving Horse-under
2007 2nd AMHR Amateur Pleasure Driving, 34" & under

2005 AMHR Canadian All Star Awards
2005 High Point Open Jumper Under
2005 High Point Driving Obstacle
2005 Champion High Point Pleasure Driving Horse
Champion Pleasure Driving Stallion - under
Champion Jumper - under
1st Adult Costume

2004 AMHR Canadian ALL Star Awards
Champion Jumper - Under
Champion Solid Colour Stallion or Gelding Under
Reserve Champion Pleasure Driving Stallion Under

Miniature Horse Club of Ontario

2004 High Point Senior Stallion
2004 High Point Hunter Jumper Under
2004 High Point Driving Obstacle
2004 Reserve High Point Pleasure Driving Horse
2004 Winner of the Bill Michaluk Sr. Trophy at Ancaster Fair (High point earner of show)

8 1st place Senior Stallion

4 1st place Solid Colour

19 1st place Pleasure Driving Classes

15 1st place Open Jumper

2 1st place Obstacle


Grand Parents
Great Grand Parents
Shadow Oaks Cock Robin
Colour: Chestnut Appaloosa - 30.5"
Colour: Black Leopard Appaloosa - 33"
Colour: - "
Colour: - "
Vanilla 3rd
Colour: Palomino - 33.5"
Merrys Golden Mohawk
Colour: Palomino - n/m"
Colour: - "
Lucky Four Gold Surprise
Colour: Palomino - 33.5"
Stouts Freckled Feather
Colour: Black Leopard Appaloosa - 34"
Stouts Tonta
Colour: none - n/m"
Stouts Speckles
Colour: none - n/m"
Lucky Four Black Mystique
Colour: Black - 32"
Colour: - "
Colour: - "



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