Hale Farms Dazzling Miss February

Foaled: 2/11/2010
Height: N/M "
Colour: Chestnut Appaloosa Filly
Genetics: Not Tested
Registrations: AMHA / AMHR
Sire: Lucky Four Robins Razzle Dazzle
Dam: Hale Farms Shelby
Notes: February would make a great show horse, brood mare, or a pet. This little filly is an appaloosa! She may look like a solid chestnut. But she has white hairs on her rump and mottled skin under her tail and around her eyes and lips. She will only colour out more with age. Appaloosa breeders, or anyone, take notice if you are looking to add an appaloosa with great conformation and bloodlines at a reasonable price. Lots of great Leopard appaloosa’s with big names in her pedigree, such as Chianti & Stouts Freckled Feather.


Grand Parents
Great Grand Parents
Lucky Four Robins Razzle Dazzle
Colour: Chestnut - 34"
Shadow Oaks Cock Robin
Colour: Chestnut Appaloosa - 30.5"
Colour: Black Leopard Appaloosa - 33"
Vanilla 3rd
Colour: Palomino - 33.5"
Lucky Four Gold Surprise
Colour: Palomino - 33.5"
Stouts Freckled Feather
Colour: Black Leopard Appaloosa - 34"
Lucky Four Black Mystique
Colour: Black - 32"
Hale Farms Shelby
Colour: Grey Pintoloosa Mare - 34"
Stouts Charlie Pride
Colour: Sorrel Pinto - 28.5"
Stouts Mister Pride
Colour: Sorrel - 30.5"
Stouts Annie
Colour: Chestnut - 32"
Dell Teras Limited Supply
Colour: Black Pinto - 27.25"
Dell Teras Hot Water
Colour: Black - 29.5"
Masie Of Belmont
Colour: Grey Pinto - 33"