Hale Farms Indian Caesar

Foaled: 3/15/2013
Height: N/M"
Colour: Chestnut w/ Star & Appaloosa Characteristics Colt
Genetics: Not Tested
Registrations: AMHA/AMHR
Sire: Iles Indiana Ace
Dam: Iles Shy Ann Rose
Notes: Caesar may spot out later on. His half brother Hale Farms Indian Firewater, who also was born a chestnut is colouring out more and more each day.


Grand Parents
Great Grand Parents
Iles Indiana Ace
Colour: Black Leopard Appaloosa Stallion - 33"
Iles Apache Appy Ace
Colour: Black Few Spot Appaloosa - 33.5"
Dell Teras Eagle
Colour: Black Appaloosa - 29"
Jandts Mini Mist
Colour: Black - 33.5""
Iles Annabelle Angel
Colour: Sorrel w/strip - 33.5"
Crescents Yachts Premo Uno
Colour: Bay Pinto - 32.25""
Hemlock Brooks Midnight Elegance
Colour: Black - 34"
Iles Shy Ann Rose
Colour: Bay Appaloosa Mare - 34"
BJs Fun Size Rocky
Colour: Silver Few Spot Appaloosa - 31"
Starchief Dapper Dandy
Colour: Bay Appaloosa - 29.5"
RJs Appy Of My Hawkeye
Colour: Dun Appaloosa - 32.25"
Iles Cherikee Rose
Colour: Grey Appaloosa - 33.75""
Landrys Charlie Boy
Colour: Grey Appaloosa - 29.25"
Iles Little Tar Baby
Colour: Black - 33.75""