Hale Farms Pick N Fling

Foaled: 4/7/2009
Height: N/M"
Colour: Bay Pinto w/ Left Blue Eye Colt
Genetics: Not Tested
Registrations: AMHA / AMHR
Sire: Grosshill Boogermans Pick A Winner
Dam: MCT Laney
Notes: Pick N Fling is the last of our Grosshill Boogermans Pick A Winner foals to be born here on our farm.

Also he may be Homozygous too! As he has two pinto parents and has Ink spots on his sides.

He is the only colt by Boogie that is left in Ontario and will remain that way. As his dad is no longer in Ontario.

If you want a rare find that no one else will have, with the top pedigree in the miniature horse world - Lazy Ns Boogerman (the Winningest AMHA Stallion in the history of the breed) then Grab a hold of this colt, before someone else does!!!


Grand Parents
Great Grand Parents
Grosshill Boogermans Pick A Winner
Colour: Palomino Pinto w/ Right Blue Eye - 28.5"
Lazy N's Boogerman
Colour: Chestnut - 33.25""
Colour: Bay w\Blaze - 34"
Colour: - "
Rae Lyn Precious
Colour: Dun - 32.25"
Landrys Cowboy Bill
Colour: Palomino Pinto - 29.5"
Nikki Lynns Cricket
Colour: Chestnut - 32"
MCT Laney
Colour: Black Bay Pinto w\Blue Eyes - 34"
FFS Sir Duncan
Colour: Homozygous Black Pinto - 34"
Stouts Charlie Pride
Colour: Sorrel Pinto - 28.5"
Fishers Cherry Moon
Colour: Dun Pinto - 32.5"
Hazy Acres Peachy Keen
Colour: Bay - 33.5"
Ohios Little Toy
Colour: Bay - 30"
River Hills Little Ruby
Colour: Chestnut - 32.5"