Grosshills Tough Enough

Foaled: 3/5/1996
Height: 31.5"
Colour: Black w/ White Lacing Over Back
Genetics: Not Tested
Registrations: AMHA A75563 AMHR 84329A & DNA Tested
Sire: Bond Nemo
Dam: Snows Gidget
AMHR Canadian All-Star Champion Open Hunter - 34" & Under
AMHR Canadian All-Star Top Ten Amateur Pleasure Driving - 34" & Under
13 Times Grand Champion Stallion
4 Times Reserve Stallion
4 Times 1st in Solid-Color
14 Times Grand Champion Open Jumper
7 times 1st Open Obstacle
40+ 1st in Open Driving Division
2X Winner of the Bill Michaluk Sr. Trophy at Ancaster Fair (High point earner of Show)
Miniature Horse Club of Ontario (MHCO):
MHCO High Point Senior Stallion - 2000,2001 & 2002 reserve in 2003
MHCO High Point Open Jumper - 2003
MHCO High Point Obstacle Horse - 2001
MHCO High Point Driving Horse - 2001, 2002 & 2003
MHCO High Point Costume Horse - 2000 & 2001
Winner of Toyland Domino Memorial Trophy for Open Jumper Class at Acaster Fair


Grand Parents
Great Grand Parents
Bond Nemo
Colour: Grey Pinto - 32"
Bond Showboy
Colour: Black Pinto - 28.5"
Colour: - "
Colour: - "
Bond Mandate
Colour: Chestnut - 34"
Colour: - "
Colour: - "
Snows Gidget
Colour: Chestnut - 31"
Kobecks Just N Time
Colour: Blue Roan Pinto - 30.25"
Komokos Dusty Devil
Colour: Black - 29"
L & D Blossom
Colour: Chestnut Pinto - 35.25"
Snows Peaches
Colour: Grey - 30"
Kobecks Rebel
Colour: Grey - 32"
ADS Mini Leisa
Colour: Dun - 33.5"



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