Hale Farms Show Me A Chevy

Foaled: 5/12/2010
Height: 34"
Colour: Black Pinto Mare w/ Blue Eyes
Genetics: (nT) Heterozygous) Carries one copy of the Tobiano gene.
Registrations: AMHA / AMHR
Sire: Canterberrys Show Me The Money
Dam: MCT Electra
Notes: As she has a bowtie on her chest - we decided to call her Chevy - like the vehicle - after all - we have horses, and horsepower (which she is full of)

Chevy is (Open) Not Bred.


Grand Parents
Great Grand Parents
Canterberrys Show Me The Money
Colour: Homozygous Black Pinto Stallion - 33.5"
Vermilyea Farms Renegade
Colour: Homozygous - Black Pinto - 29.5"
Bond Galahads Legacy
Colour: Black Pinto - 30.25""
NFCs Geta Light
Colour: Bay Pinto - 30.75"
Bryland Farms Black Lace
Colour: Black Pinto - 31"
Parrs Little Man
Colour: Chestnut Pinto - 29"
Dell Taras Charlene
Colour: Bay Pinto - 34"
MCT Electra
Colour: Black Pinto w\Blue Eyes - 34"
FFS Sir Duncan
Colour: Homozygous Black Pinto - 34"
Stouts Charlie Pride
Colour: Sorrel Pinto - 28.5"
Fishers Cherry Moon
Colour: Dun Pinto - 32.5"
MCT Impossible Dream
Colour: Bay w\star strip and snip - 34"
Samis Just Bananas Impact
Colour: Buckskin Pinto - 30"
Fishers Blue Cherokee
Colour: Appaloosa - 34"