Haligonian Calypso Hula

Foaled: 4/13/1997
Height: 33"
Colour: Homozygous Black Pinto Mare w/ Right Blue Eye
Genetics: Homozygous - (TT) For Tobiano
Registrations: AMHA A87254 AMHR 101158A & DNA Tested
Sire: Taurulahoole JIP R Featherpants
Dam: Haligonian Reggae Rhythm
Notes: Calypso is an exceptional mare with nice conformation, colour and good movement. She produces beautiful foals with lots of colour!!! She is Homozygous for Tobiano. If you want a quality colourful mare that produces loud coloured pinto babies than here she is. Calypso is open (Not Bred).


Grand Parents
Great Grand Parents
Taurulahoole JIP R Featherpants
Colour: Bay Tovero - 30"
Dell Teras Girl Watcher
Colour: Sorrel Pinto - 31.5"
Dell Teras Moon Man
Colour: Chestnut Pinto - 31"
Dell Teras My Way
Colour: none - none"
Big Ds Little Star
Colour: Bay Pinto - 31.5"
Hobby Horses Cream Puff
Colour: Sorrel Pinto - 28.5"
Big DS Little Black Shadow
Colour: none - none"
Haligonian Reggae Rhythm
Colour: Chestnut Pinto - 33.5"
Richters Apache
Colour: Bay Pinto - 30"
Colour: - "
Colour: - "
Lucky Four Ragtime Rhythm
Colour: Dapple Grey - 33.75"
Bond Domino
Colour: Black Pinto - 32"
Lucky Four Summer Magic
Colour: Dun - 32"



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