Hale Farms Exclusive Prize

Foaled: 4/15/2014
Height: 31.5"
Colour: Homozygous Bay Pinto /w Blue Eyes Stallion
Genetics: Homozygous - (TT) For Tobiano
Registrations: AMHR & DNA Tested (Parentage Qualified)
Sire: Lazy Maples Doc
Dam: Miss Kittys Sunny Delight
Notes: Prize is a good natured, very sweet, friendly and easy to handle little stallion. He tested Homozygous for Tobiano. This stallion will always produce pinto babies. He has good conformation for such a little guy. If you are looking for a small, correct, friendly colour producing stallion then prize may be it. I intended on keeping him for a breeding stallion of my own. But he is related to too many of my mares. So this is why I have decided to offer him for sale.


Grand Parents
Great Grand Parents
Lazy Maples Doc
Colour: Black Pinto /w Blue Eyes - 31"
Bears See C
Colour: Sorrel Pinto - 29"
My Own Danny Boy
Colour: Sorrel Pinto - 29"
Bears Short Cake
Colour: Sorrel - 32.5"
Sutherlins Party Doll
Colour: Black Pinto - 30"
Stouts Tee Cee
Colour: Chestnut - 29.5"
French Broads Dark Empress
Colour: Black Pinto - 33.75"
Miss Kittys Sunny Delight
Colour: Sorrel Pinto - 31"
JFS Frisco Peacemaker
Colour: Black Pinto - 30.5"
Bryland Farms Harlequin
Colour: Black Pinto - 33"
Lejona Van Double Dutch
Colour: Black - 32.5"
D & E Little Red
Colour: Sorrel - 33.5"
Bite Size Special Edition
Colour: Sorrel - 29.5"
Circle Ls Barbara B
Colour: Sorrel - 34"