Tmabs Avalanche Joe

Foaled: 3/14/2005
Height: 33.5"
Colour: Homozygous - Silver Dapple Pinto /w Blue Eyes
Genetics: Not Tested
Registrations: AMHA / AMHR & DNA Tested
Sire: Rainbow Ridges Starburst Cody
Dam: Diamond Ds Girl
Notes: This gorgeous stallion is up for sale. Only as I have just bought a new stallion and do not need all these stallions. Joe is (Homozygous) for pinto a 100% colour producer.Anyone looking to produce show quality colourful foals. May want to consider Joe.


Grand Parents
Great Grand Parents
Rainbow Ridges Starburst Cody
Colour: Black Pinto - 30.5 "
Stars Sunburst
Colour: Black Pinto - 28"
Freemans Star
Colour: Red Roan - 30"
Rolling Ridges Gina
Colour: Black Pinto - 33"
Our Little Tina
Colour: Black Pinto - 33.5"
Soats Lil Guy
Colour: Chestnut Pinto - 32"
Colour: unknown - unknown"
Diamond Ds Girl
Colour: Silver Dapple Pinto /w Blue Eyes - 33.5"
Mini Hoofs Red Raider
Colour: Sorrel - 30.5 "
Mini Hoofs Trigger
Colour: Chestnut - 31.5"
Komokos Sister Sue
Colour: Chestnut - 31.75"
Mini Hoofs Betty Ann
Colour: Sorrel - 33.75"
Mini Hoofs Shadow Fax
Colour: Sorrel - 32"
Big Sue
Colour: unknown - unknown"



Hale Farms Avalanche Ice

Hale Farms Avalanche Wind

Hale Farms Royal Avalanche

Hale Farms Avalanche Echo

Hale Farms Avalanche Run

Hale Farms Avalanche Miss Ava